This website will not happen without help from many T’ai Chi Chih fellows. In this page, I would like to say thank you especially to:

1. Justin Stone, who originates T’ai Chi Chih

2. Sr. Antonia, who gives permission to start a mailing list for Teachers in the Eastern part of US.

3. Dan Pienciak, who has been helpful in organizing many events and a great teacher.

4. Pam Towne and Sandy McAlister, who lead T’ai Chi Chih Intensives and Accreditation process.

5. Good Karma Publishing which produces materials by the originator of T’ai Chi Chih, Justin Stone.

6. Diane Yorio for her beautiful flute play and giving permission to use her flute recording as in the flash animation at the first page.

7. T’ai Chi Chih teachers who share their knowledge and heart to others.

8. YOU to visit this website.


Encircled by Chi BBQ Apron
Encircled by Chi BBQ Apron